Week 6 – Part 1

I go to sleep and wake up 100 years from now. It is now early in the 22nd Century. I look around and notice a few changes have taken place during my slumbers. There is no tv in my room. I don’t see a radio or a laptop computer. This is kind of strange, but not a big deal. After all, I have been asleep for a long time. I am sure I will be able to find someone to explain all this to me.

I walk into the bathroom to take a shower. I can’t find a light switch so I walk into the dark room and it is suddenly filled with light. I notice all the knobs and handles are gone. They have been replaced with buttons and keypads. I finally find the ones that control the shower and get it turned on. Then I have to find the proper temperature. Finally, it’s perfect. I step in and music starts playing. After the music, the DJ comes on with a story that has just come in from their news outlet. They have found a new planet that may be inhabitable. More on the hour. As I step out of the shower and get hit with warm air to dry me off, I wonder what else I have missed in the last 100 years.

I go into the kitchen and find it has changed as much as the bathroom. I am sitting there trying to figure out what I am supposed to do when the door opens and a robot comes out. She begins asking me what I want for breakfast. I ask for a cup of coffee. She walks over to this box looking thing, pushes a button, and there is my coffee. As I sit there and sip it slowly, first because it is hot, and second because I am not sure where it came from, I decide to see if my new “friend’ can tell me about this world I have woken up in. She sits down next to me and starts talking.

She starts by telling me about the little device that looks like a remote control. With it, I have the power to listen to any radio station in the world. It gives me the option of watching movies on a screen that rolls out of the ceiling, or I can be a part of them through the virtual reality headset that is in the coffee table. If I want to use the internet, all I have to do is push a different button and a holographic image is displayed. I tell the device what I am looking for, and it will bring it up. From there, all I have to do is flip through my choices as easily as I used to flip through the pictures on my cellphone.

She asks me if I am ready to go outside. I ponder this for a moment and then decide I have seen enough for a little while. It will take some time to process and learn all of this new technology. I tell her that I am exhausted. I decide I am going to take a nap. She laughs and tells me not to sleep for another 100 years. I need to learn how to use this technology before I wake up to another hundred years of innovations. She is right.