Mullally: Week 6 – Assignment 1

It is the summer of 2152 and it is a time for an anniversary celebration. The X2 satellites around the planets of Venus, Earth and Mars have been in place for the last twenty-five years, which means that the 13 billion plus people in the tri-planetary system have had the ability to directly upload into their consciousness, via an embedded chip, information, skills and abilities. As well, the imbedded chip has been able to better manage our lives, as well as eliminate mental illness and anti-social behaviors. The last quarter century has been the most productive and peaceful period in our history.

A little over one hundred years ago we would have been rudely woken by an external alarm clock, but now I come fully awake via the chip processor. As I wake up the internal ‘images’ become more bright and clear.

In the 21st century, most people would turn on their holographic device and learn about the news from around the world. Sadly, most of that news was dark and depressing, with regional wars being waged, famine, death and disease being rampant on Earth. With the discovery of dark matter energy in 2094, we were able to travel and colonize the closest planets. Currently, any citizen can mentally link via their chip to various sources of useful, daily information, all of which is positive and educational.

One aspect of life that the imbedded chip and the X2 satellites hasn’t been able to change is that of the need to eat, drink, defecate and urinate — and thankfully so. This was one aspect of life that the vast majority of the planets’ populations didn’t want to be affected. As in the 21st century, people in our time enjoy the taste of food and drink, and take great enjoyment in eating. Of course, the quality and nutritional value of food is tailored to each individual and they are able to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Work is one area of life that has changed dramatically in the last hundred years or so. In reading history texts, we know that the vast majority of people toiled under harsh circumstances and there existed an ‘elitist’ class which controlled the Earth’s resources. In the tri-planetary system we share everything, and everyone is provided with all of their basic necessities. Traditional work became a thing of the past and we now have our artificial-intelligent robots conducting all manual labor and higher-functioning work, such as health care needs. Most people work for only two hours a day and most of that time is spent communicating via their imbedded chip. The chip taking the place of any external communication tools that our ancestors used.

The technology changes over the past one hundred and fifty plus years have changed everyone’s lives for the better, and the embedded chip along with the X2 satellites have created happier and healthier people.