Week 6, Ebersole Assignment 1

Today is the day that I tell you about what is happening in the 22nd century. Oh how time has changed and how mass media has changed with it. Today when I awaken I leisurely get up at my choosing. Times have changed and jobs don’t start until a person has reached their optimal rest amount. Today for me that means 2 pm. As I get ready for the day the walls in my home are electronically wired to display any news or morning TV show I wish to watch. I press a button to have my breakfast made for me and I sit on my floating chair and listen to how the world has changed overnight. I am able to choose from five main stations as they are the only stations now in existence, no longer do we have hundreds of channel options and instead have only what the main five stations deem suitable for everyone.

After eating my breakfast I take a shower and do so without pressing anything, instead the system knows what water temperature I like and comes out exactly at the right temperature. After my shower a special air drying system dries me off in seconds and I dress for the day. I head to my unique hover car and head to work. With the advances in technology my work is accomplished in just 4 hours and then I head home for the day. The way technology has changed all working environments has given everyone more free time and in turn we are a more relaxed world and our life span has increased. I meet friends for dinner at a local restaurant and I call them via a voice command system imbedded in me and in which I can reach anyone at any time. At the restaurant there are no waiters, everything is a touch screen and machines that make the food exactly as one wishes.

After dinner I head home and catch up on my reading before turning into bed. Books are read through a device that fits on ones face like glasses and the digital pages are turned with ones thoughts. Today has been a good day in the life of someone in the 22nd century.