Jerzy Ellanna; Week 6 – Part 1

         Looking into the future is such a strange task. We have absolutely no idea what the next century will look like, of course we can make educated guesses about where the technology age is moving. Although the fact is, we have no way to know for sure. For example, think about what people in the 19th century thought the world would look like in the 20th century. Personal flying machines, X-ray vision crime fighting, walking on water, and roofed cities, just to name a few. Past predictions have always been far off and rather strange, but that fact excites me tremendously! There’s a saying in Latin that I love; “mysterium tremendum et fascinans’, the great and terrible awe. It’s that feeling we get when doing something that both terrifies and fascinates us at the same time, that is the future.

        Maybe in the 22nd century we will finally have the flying cars we have been promised for so long, or maybe we’ll have something even better! Technology will always advance, ‘tis human nature, the real question is what happens to the media landscape? Will we, as a culture, be even more submersed into mass media, or will people seclude into niche interests and a general disregard for all things popular? I personally hope its a strange intoxicating mix of both. I envision media platforms everywhere, in new places and presented on new technologies we have yet to imagine. Mass media will be unavoidable, but by this point people will be completely desensitized to its presence. I see a culture more focused on individual taste and expression. But perhaps that’s all wishful thinking!