Week 6 Part 1: Dylan Branch

Hello folks, it’s a cloudy Tuesday morning, the 9th of October to be exact. We’re wrapping up the summer months going into fall before we hit the new year of 2116. On today’s show we have a special guest with us, sharing a day in the life of an owner of the ever so popular smart house. We have Sophie with us today to share a day in the life being the new owner of this extreme technological advancement. So Sophie, lets go through what a typical day for you looks like.

Hi John thank you for having me today. As a proud owner of the smart house, I can honestly say, it has been quite an experience. More and more families are beginning to move into homes like these because of the popularity and user friendly idea behind them. Living in this type of house has made such a different lifestyle for all of us.

On a normal morning, I usually get woken up to birds chirping and a nice hot cup of coffee at my bedside thanks to the house knowing when my body needs to get up and knowing how I like my coffee, down to the 3 sugar cubes. Hopping in the shower is easy because the system knows exactly how hot to put the water and approximately how long I will be in the shower. With the new touch screen shower door, I can flip through my emails or look through my virtual wardrobe to decide what to wear for the day. Along with the perfectly heated water, the house’s system also knows what type of music I am wanting to listen to each day.

Once I get home from work, I have a perfectly balanced snack suggestion with all the ingredients ready to be prepared. And the same thing goes for dinner, the touch screen menu and cook books provide a way for every household to eat healthy and never go hungry. When it’s time to turn the lights down and hit the hay, the house has a bed that is perfect for each my liking and what I need. Soft music is played until the system knows I am asleep and then proceeds to turn off.

Having a smart house and not only been a nice luxury, it has become a normal thing. It has allowed many people to become less stressed because of the tasks the house can perform instead of everything having to be manual. And that is a day in the life of a 22nd century person.