Week 6 Part 1: Heather Bieber

22nd Century Media

It’s morning and my day starts with a look at the news. My TV is not any regular television screen — it’s not a box. It’s not even a flat screen. It doesn’t weigh anything or take up space. Indeed it’s a projection! All my walls have a projection that can turn to any channel or website, even a picture that I want. It’s a digitized wall.

On the news the major headlines are about the colonies on mars, and the war with the aliens from the galaxy just beyond ours.

I go out to my car, but it’s not a car as we’d think of it in the 21st century. It’s more like a personal plane. Our highways are the air. The traffic lights float in the sky. The best part is, my radio plays whatever I want to when I tell it to. Siri has gotten really advanced, so much that the plane can drive itself once you give it directions. I just tell Siri what to do and she does it.

Finally I make it to work. I am a school teacher, and times have really changed since we had homework submitted on paper. Now every child is given a computer in school, and that’s the main learning device. No need for a computer lab, even. The laptops are really awesome — they have hologram keyboards so they take up even less space. Unfortunately kids will multitask sometimes during the lesson on YouTube or Facebook.

Social networkingsites are so popular that they’ve mandated everyone to have one. It’s almost a governmental thing, and so as soon as you’re born you have a profile. Your search history is recorded from early on by marketers as well, to determine your likes and dislikes. They found that it’s better to profile someone from an early age to catch the things that really catch their attention. It has made autoplay ads much more efficient.

At the end of the school day I go home. Before bed I usually read, and that’s when I go to my google glasses. I haven’t seen a printed book in a long long time actually. They’re usually turned in to museums now. On my google glasses I check my email too, call people or send messages. In fact most cell phones are now replaced by glasses versions.

So, things are different now. Whether they are better or worse, the media is more accessible than ever before. In fact, I dare you to try to get away from it.