Jeffrey Evan

JRN 101


Professor Prince

Assignment #2





A television experience that I have had that has had redeeming elements for me as a viewer would be the Bear Grylls show. This show has certain elements that its viewers can benefit from. These days a lot of people do not know how to handle situations when they are left in the wild and are fighting for survival. I think it is called Man Vs. Wild with Bear Grylls. I personally feel that this show is overly exaggerated but it does have a few things that this show can benefit to its viewers. A television show that is not entirely a “vast wasteland’ would inspire someone to take an action. The person would take what was seen on television and try to learn and understand different skills. The TV shows that gives you some kind of knowledge that you could use elsewhere and can be used for different situations. A TV would prove to be not entirely a “vast wasteland’ if it challenges your personal opinions or judgments.

First of all, Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls is a television series that is about survival in the wild. It is a show that is aired on the Discovery Channel. The host, Bear Grylls places himself in extreme situations out in the wild and tries to find his way back to civilization while showing his audiences what to do in these different circumstances. As Bear Grylls is dropped off in the wild and is required to travel back to civilization and safety using his own knowledge, judgment, and survival skills. He explains his situation to his audience and then explains in detail about what must be done in order to achieve his goal. This show proves that not all shows are a “vast wasteland.’

There is also South Park, the fictional television show that is aired on Comedy Central. This show presents situations that will not likely happen or extremely exaggerate things that had happened. The show is highly fictionalized and is also animated. The cartoon South Park is almost always sparking up some kind of controversy with its characters that they depict in the show. Part of the other reason why South Park attains such controversies over the episodes since it has originally been aired over a decade ago is that the show bases its humor off of religion, weird humor based from sensitive subjects. The show carries on with its odd and controversial humor until the last few minutes of the episode until it delivers its heart felt moral of the story. This is when at the end of each show the punch line is delivered. The show releases the moral of the episode and gives an explanation in some detail to why something has to change.

Majority of television shows are considered a “vast wasteland’ but not all because even though most television shows give out some sort of information that can be used in different situations. Things that people see on television cannot always be utilized but when it the times come it is subconsciously engrained that they cannot really tell where they have learned it. A TV show can inspire people to make some sort of action that they wont otherwise try because they are not familiar with the topic of interest. Or it can show people that different things are handled and the information that is given to viewer can spark some sort of interest. This is why not all Television shows are considered a “vast wasteland’ because there is always something that can be learned throughout the process.