Week 11


Well, it’s been an incredible working with all of you.  In our final week of regular meeting we’re going global.  Travel to another land used to be a dangerous, time consuming and expensive ordeal.  Now Tokyo is only a phone call away and we can Skype with South Africa for free.  Media reflects culture and our culture is sort of like our own unique “disease’ that can be shared, spread, influenced and injected into far away civilizations.  What does that mean for the world and for cultures that are more “contagious’ and those that aren’t?  It’s a small world after all and you can read about it in the chapter.  Take that last quiz and then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.  You still have a final exam next week, but at least the quizzes are over.

Your assignment this week is to keep working on that report from last week.  Make sure to turn it before classes end.

You’ve learned a lot about the mass media, I hope.  For the discussion this week talk about what scares you when you gaze into the crystal ball of mass media’s future.


  • Cultural Imperialism
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Media Freedom

READING:  Chapter 15 “Global Media’

QUIZ:  Chapter 15 Quiz

ASSIGNMENT:  None this week.  Continue working on the research paper.

DISCUSSION:  The Haveman Media Empire will need to hire a new President after I retire.  Where would you take the company and why?  What would you do with our various media enterprises to ensure their future success?