Week 2

INTRODUCTION: This week we’re focusing on the book side of our company. As per usual, check out chapter 2 in our textbook, head over to blackboard for the quiz on chapter 2 and we got another assignment and discussion that we need to work on. For the assignment this week, I’d like you to try and defend the value of the mass media. There isn’t one medium in the world of mass media that hasn’t had it’s share of criticism. That’s certainly understandable, but this week I like you to find one example in all the mass media of diamonds in the rough, or a book, magazine, radio program, newspaper, television show, movie and website that has made the world a better place. In other words, if somebody said, “I’m done with the mass media. I don’t want to experience any of it anymore.’ what good things would they be missing In each of the mass media?

Finally, for the paper this week we want to do a story on declining readership in the USA and what a future world in which people read little or none at all would look like.  Jump onto the discussion board and share your thoughts on what that might look like.


  • The unexpected and surprising impacts of Gutenberg’s convention.
  • Define “aliteracy’ and what it means for our society.
  • Discover there’s product placement and books?

READING:  Chapter 3 “Books’

QUIZ:  Chapter 3 Quiz

ASSIGNMENT:  A political action committee is lobbying congress to get stricter on mass media because they claim it’s all a “vast wasteland.’  Submit a 600 word report in which you evaluate a specific media experience you’ve had in regard to its redeeming elements so our CEO can argue that the media can have a positive effect on society when he appears in front of congress next week.  What about your media experience was beneficial to society?  Why was it not all bad?  For example, “I watched the film Blood Diamonds and it showed me how terrible the diamond mining industry can be.  This type of film shows that the mass media is NOT entirely a vast wasteland.’

How do you turn this in?  Post it by hitting “+ New’ at the top of the WordPress dashboard and typing in your  assignment. Make sure to use the “Assignments’ category listed on the right side of the page and put “Week [#]: [Your Name]’ in the subject heading. Then, head over to Submitted Assignments and see how it looks! Read the submissions of your peers and give constructive feedback.

DISCUSSION:  We’ve got to write an editorial on the decline in readership among the youth of today and I’m struggling to describe what the aliterate world of the future may look like.  Will it be better or worse?  Pick a side and support your argument.  If you pick the bad side, explain what can be done to change the course of humanity.  Respond to the discussion post on this subject (do not create your own post please). Please also respond with comments on your colleagues’ responses.