Week 5


This week we focus on own bread and butter—newspapers.  The Internet has posed many challenges to us, from making news faster and easy to find to free, to eating into our profit margin by giving away what we used to charge for: classified ads.

Get the full story by reading the chapter and, for heaven sakes, you’d better do well on the quiz.

How much do you listen to the radio?  If you’re the average person, it’s probably not as much as you used to.  With audio streaming, podcasts and free or cheap music available on Pandora or Spotify, traditional broadcast radio is on the defensive.  Check out the text to get the full story and prove you’ve got a solid handle on it by taking the quiz.

This week we need to assess how much you’ve learned on the job so far.  Head over to Blackboard to take the Midterm Exam sometime between Friday and Sunday of this week.  It will be multiple choice with a few essay questions and you’ll have one chance to take it.


  • Impact of the Penny Press
  • Anatomy of a typical newspaper
  • Impact of the Internet on newspapers
  • Trouble in the early days of radio
  • The radio act of 1927
  • Internet radio and the death of the DJ

READING:  Chapter 4 “Newspapers’ and Chapter 7 “Radio, Recording and Popular Music’

QUIZ:  Chapter 4 Quiz and Chapter 7 Quiz

ASSIGNMENT:  Take the Midterm exam, available on Blackboard, by the end of the day Sunday.

DISCUSSION:  Our newspaper is still profitable, but not by much.  Should we stop printing the paper and go online or is there something about printing the paper that is worth keeping?  Pick a side and argue your point.  Respond to the discussion post in the conference room.