Week 8


There’s some contempt among the journalism community for reporters who leave the fold to work in public relations.  It’s kind of like joining the dark side.  But is public relations all bad?  What are its goals and how is it different from advertising?  Check out the chapter to sort that out and hear some of the incredible wins and fails in public relations history.  It’d be good PR with me if you’d take the quiz and do well on it, too.

There’s no assignment this week, but we’ve got a bugger of a dilemma in the newspaper.  It’s common for newspapers to print press releases without indicating to readers that the “article’ is really a report typed up by some company’s public relations person.  Should we give in and do the same in light of these tough economic times for the paper?  Chime in on the discussion.


  • Early public relations stunts
  • Public relations as a management function
  • PR vs. Advertising

READING:  Chapter 11 “Public Relations’

QUIZ:  Chapter 11 Quiz

ASSIGNMENT:  None this week.

DISCUSSION:  Our budget cuts mean we don’t have enough stories to fill the pages of the paper.  Should we accept PR stories and advertorials or risk criticism from readers and loss of revenue due to fewer readers?  Respond to the discussion post in the conference room.