Week 9


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  That cliché is at the heart of some of our concerns about how the mass media influences us.  There are so many variables in regard to studying media influence that it’s very difficult to conduct the kind of definitive scientific experiments that we would like.  Do violent people watch more violent television or does violent television make people more violent or a bit of both?  Why do some media experiences compel some people to behave in a certain way but not others?  My favorite mass media theory is the “Mean World Syndrome.’  That rings true with me.  Read the chapter so you know what the heck I’m talking about and take the quiz to prove you know what the heck I’m talking about.

It’s another radio assignment this week, but this time it’s more about your vision of the future than doing research on a story.  Check out the description for details.

Don’t forget the discussion this week, either.  Our TV news station is struggling with a dilemma they need your help on.


  • Does media violence translate into real world violence?
  • Do we influence the media or it influences us or a mix?
  • Significant studies in the history of mass media theories

READING:  Chapter 13 “Theories and Effects of Mass Communication’

QUIZ:  Chapter 13 Quiz

ASSIGNMENT:  We’re doing a podcast this week on predictions for the future.  Write a two-minute radio script on a day in the life of the 22nd Century you focusing largely on your engagement with the mass media during the day.

How do you turn this in?  Post it by hitting “+ New’ at the top of the WordPress dashboard and typing in your  assignment. Make sure to use the “Assignments’ category listed on the right side of the page and put “Week [#]: [Your Name]’ in the subject heading. Then, head over to Assignments and see how it looks! Read the submissions of your peers and give constructive feedback.

DISCUSSION:  There’s been a series of national stories on recent acts of violence.  Should our TV News station do a series on how to defend yourself against violent acts?  Respond to the discussion post in the conference room.