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Wk 13 Angela Carley

December 1, 2114 I woke up this morning by auto stimulant, in order to make my new holographic class, which would be popping up in my living room at 7am….

Wk 12 Angela Carley

Dear Internet, We are pleased to have you on board as the latest media invention. We have gotten a decade worth of advertising revenues from the global hope of your…

Angela Carley Wk 9

Angela Carley Week 10 Ethanol Plants get a big “seal of approval’ with this VNR Kate Brookes is a local reporter for ABC news in Nevada. She is also a…

Week 8 Anchor woman

I’m gonna go with experience on this and argue that the candidate with an established career in journalism would make a much better anchor person. The woman straight out of…

Angela Carley wk 5

Angela Carley Media and Culture Week 5 With Honeycrisp technology, the television will know when you are getting ready for work and will give you the traffic report and weather….