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Week 11: Jasmine Dierenfield

Week 11 Assignment Dear Television, Your hit station MTV has been a huge success, and we congratulate you. Even though concerts now have to live up to your music video…

Week Nine: Jasmine Dierenfield

The second link is my podcast, and the first is a video I refer to in my podcast.

Week 8: Jasmine Dierenfield

As much as I’d like to say we should hire the veteran, I think we should go with the fresh out of college girl. I have several points for this….

Daily News Miner

I thought it was interesting that our local paper was mentioned in our text. What do you all think about the comment on it? Do you agree that it’s inappropriate?…

Week Five: Jasmine Dierenfield

I think Honeycrisp, Inc.’s new product could prove both revolutionary and detrimental to our society. Firstly, let’s take a peek at the revolution. Imagine this world: You switch through the…