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Week 10 Discussion

Where do you see the various mass media in 20 years?   50 years?   Describe that world to us and explain why it looks the way it does.

Week 9 Discussion

It’s time for us to announce the award for the greatest mass media invention of all time.   What should it be and why?

Week 7 Discussion: Sound

Radio advertising revenue is down because people are listening to iPods and Pandora.   Should we fire our local DJ’s and standardize playlists across stations?   What do you think…

Week 6 Discussion: Newspapers

Our newspaper is still profitable, but not by much.   Should we stop printing the paper and go online or is there something about printing the paper that is worth…

Week 5 – Discussion

Two major corporations have declared bankruptcy this week, one a bookseller and the other a video rental franchise. I need to write a story about it but I’m struggling to…