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When you’ve done your best work, and submitted to the editor – you’ll find it here. You’ll find the work of your peers here as well. This is a good place to add constructive comments and feedback to the creations of your peers!

Week 5 Part 1_Rodney Ebersole

Week 5 part 3 [Eddie Crosby]

Choosing Advertising Mediums, cost vs effectiveness (Television and the web) If money were no object, it would be easy to decide which advertising medium to go with. All of them!…

Week 5 Part 1 [Eddie Crosby]

  I recently went house shopping for a new house back in April of this year, and I am a service connected disabled veteran, I have a disability rating of…

Week 5, Part 1 – Police as Promotion

Additional information.

Dear Internet (Week 5, Part 3)

Dear Internet — First, let me be clear that we could not be happier to have you in the neighborhood. You’ve definitely brought a youthful energy to the street, and…