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Each week our staff meets in the Conference Room and takes on a question about a current issue in one of our media arms. Here’s where you’ll find those conversations!

Summer Week 5: Discussion 3 of 4

One of our TV producers came to me this week saying he needs $20,000 for a special effect she wants to use in the season finale of the show.  …

Summer Week 5: Discussion 2 of 4

Where do you see the various mass media in 20 years?   50 years?   Describe that world to us and explain why it looks the way it does.

Summer Week 5: Discussion 1 of 4

It’s time for us to announce the award for the greatest mass media invention of all time.   What should it be and why?

Summer Week 4: Discussion 3 of 3

Our TV News station is looking to hire a new anchor.   We have two choices, an attractive woman straight out of college or a veteran woman journalist who would…

Summer Week 4: Discussion 2 of 3

Radio advertising revenue is down because people are listening to iPods and Pandora.   Should we fire our local DJ’s and standardize playlists across stations?   What do you think…