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Each week our staff meets in the Conference Room and takes on a question about a current issue in one of our media arms. Here’s where you’ll find those conversations!

Week 9 Discussion

It’s time for us to announce the award for the greatest mass media invention of all time.   What should it be and why?

Week 8: Tania Winston

These two choices are hard, because the wrong choice would impact our audience, the ratings of our news show, and the image we wish to portray. If we are strictly…

Week 8: Jasmine Dierenfield

As much as I’d like to say we should hire the veteran, I think we should go with the fresh out of college girl. I have several points for this….

Week 8 Disccuson: Taylor Morgan

Well, if we hire the younger woman, she can bring the newest and latest in sight on the industry, seeing as she just got out of college. Her insight is…

Week 8 Discussion

I feel like it would depend on what we want for our station and what we want our station to be known for. On one hand, hiring the young, “attractive”…