For Staff

Step by Step, Screen by Screen Directions

To watch a video on how to post assignments and participate in the weekly discussions, please watch this video:

If you cannot play this video, the written instructions are below:



To participate in our weekly discussions:

  • Log In
  • Click on “Conference Room”
  • Navigate to that week’s discussion link
  • Add your comments at the bottom of the discussion and reply to your colleague’s comments.



Website URL and Login Link

Whether it’s your first visit to the Chronicle after receiving a letter of appointment from Agatha Crowley, or you are coming back to the office to work on a story, you will need to login to the Haveman website.

  1. The web url for the Haveman Chronicle is You probably can see that now, because you are here, reading. But you may want to bookmark this location for speedy access to your Chronicle workspace.
  2. Take note of the Login link near the top of the page. This takes you to the login screen.


In order to login to the Haveman Chronicle work area will need to:

  1. Enter the username that was your initial contact from the Chronicle. This will be “[youremailusername]13.”   So if your email is “” your login will be “rprince13.”
  2. Enter your password which was originally provided to you in your appointment letter from Agatha Crowley.
  3. Click the login button.


At the Chronicle, we use WordPress. You’re looking at the WordPress Dashboard below. It’s where you’ll do most of your work as an employee. Your first assignment is to create an introductory post.

There are two ways to start editting a new post. Chose:

  1. Click on the word “Posts” in the lefthand sidebar.
  2. Hover over the word “New” in your edit bar, and select “posts”.

Add New Post

  1. If you clicked on “Posts” from the previous screen you’ll something like the screen above. The next step is clicking on the “Add New” link.

Your post will require:

  1. A Title. Please use your last name and the assignment number, i.e. “Haveman-Assignment 1.”   If you do not want to use your real name, please let me know what alias you will be using.
  2. Content. This is where your story goes. Use good writing. Use proper grammar. Use your head, this gets published to the web.
  3. A category. Select the “Assignments” category box on the right so you post lands in the correct category to be graded.
  4. Finally, after you have proof read your story, click on the blue “Publish” button.

Post Saved

Your post is now saved. Notice that the “Publish” button has changed to “Update”. You can make changes to your story, after you are done, use the update button. You can also use the “View Post” link to see the post on its own page, just as the public would read your work.

Post Complete

Your post will appear on the public side of the Chronicle similar to something above. One last thing to note, even though you are viewing the public side of the Chronicle you’ll see your editor bar. This is true while you are logged in. When you log out, it disappears.

Edit Posts

If you goofed on something and want to go back and fix it, you can select “Edit Post” from the top of the toolbar.