Week #5 part 1: Heather Bieber

When Cigarettes Were Good For You Over the years, there has been a secret deception in America causing confusion about the true effects of one of the world’s greatest killers…

Summer Week 5: Discussion 4 of 4

Our budget cuts mean we don’t have enough stories to fill the pages of the paper.   Should we accept PR stories and advertorials or risk criticism from readers and…

Summer Week 5: Discussion 3 of 4

One of our TV producers came to me this week saying he needs $20,000 for a special effect she wants to use in the season finale of the show.  …

Summer Week 5: Discussion 2 of 4

Where do you see the various mass media in 20 years?   50 years?   Describe that world to us and explain why it looks the way it does.

Summer Week 5: Discussion 1 of 4

It’s time for us to announce the award for the greatest mass media invention of all time.   What should it be and why?